How Will You Elevate Your Backyard?

After the warm summer-like weather, we got a little spoiled with this week.  paired with the unfortunate downpour I'm seeing out my window now, I'm looking forward to the warm days I'll be enjoying in my backyard over the coming months. When searching for  ways to take my backyard to the next level,  I found inspiration in Peggy Wang's list of "32 Outrageously Fun Things You'll Want in Your Backyard This Summer". My favorite pieces are the interchangeable picnic table, because it adds some versatility to that traditional piece we all own, and I'm also loving the cooler tables, which not only remove a need for coolers but provide convenience for guests during a backyard barbecue. They are all great ideas, but I think I've narrowed it down to a few favorites.  What ideas will make your list?