Dining Room Design Woes?

Having dining room design trouble? Becky Dietrich over at Houzz is doing a design series on the impact a single piece can make in terms of interior design. She says, "there is often one particular thing that really kicks the room up a notch," and this week she focused on how to make a difference in the dining room, and she had a couple of ideas that I would love to try in mine!

First, she notes the way that even something as minor as slipcovers can make all the difference in a room, asking "can you imagine this room without them?" And I have to admit that no, I really can't.  

She also touted the unique dining table in the room below, but I have to say I am also loving the candles on the wall. How perfect would those be to create ambiance at your next dinner party?

How will you make a difference in your dining room?