Think It's Too Late to Start a Garden You Can Eat?

Okay let’s face it. Sometimes we have every intention of spring planting, filled with high hopes of a garden yielding a bounty of summer eats, yet life tends to get in the way and suddenly its midsummer and that garden patch sits empty. I was beginning to think maybe I’d waited too long to create an edible vegetable garden to enjoy this summer season, but then I found that Marianne Lipanovich from Houzz says otherwise. 

Image Courtesy of the Article

So what vegetables may still be planted now? Lipanovich says to try beans, cucumbers, herbs, tomatoes, peppers, and that even some cool season veggies such as radishes and carrots can do well this time of year. Not sure where to start? Her handy tips for growing will have your thumbs green and she’s even got tips for what to start in late July/August to yield cooler season vegetables, such as kale. So what are you waiting for? An edible garden is closer than you think. Happy planting!