What's Happening on the Eastside?

Construction construction everywhere! Amidst major developments and plenty of orange cones, 425 Magazine's Jenny Lynn Zappala asks a question you may have found yourself pondering as well, "What's Going On Around Town?" Touching on many Eastside areas, here are a few projects I'm particularly excited about:

I've discussed The Bellevue Collection expansion before, but Zappala notes that there will also be new shops at The Bravern coming this year, including Gucci, Hermes, and Moncler.

In Kirkland, the trail known as the Cross Corridor will be given crushed gravel and updated sidewalks so that runners, walkers, bikers, and the like may enjoy a scenic route from South Kirkland Park and Ride to Totem Lake. 

Image Courtesy of the Article

Finally, Bothell is receiving a major facelift, as a multi-year process to upgrade means an utterly transformed downtown. Zappala says, "in the process of assembling land and constructing needed infrastructure to support a redeveloped downtown, the city relocated 32 businesses and tore down 30 buildings, 'turning back decades of auto oriented/strip mall development to make way for a re-imagined city,' said Stowe. The city purchased 25 acres of land within the downtown which the city is now strategically selling in its role as master developer."